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The Well

The image of the well taken from Scripture is one of women coming together around their daily work and gathering at their local water source to retrieve what was necessary to survive and thrive. As they drew water, they had the opportunity to talk, laugh, share concerns, and glean wisdom from one another.  We seek to provide similar opportunities at The Well.
The Well is a website designed to support women in graduate and professional schools and women faculty as they seek, in their full and complex lives, to be followers of Christ. The Well provides relevant articles, life stories, mentoring, event announcements, and resources for these women and those ministering to them. The Well is a ministry of Women in the Academy & Professions, a division of InterVarsity's Graduate & Faculty Ministries. 


Our target audience is women seeking to follow Christ who are in or have been in graduate and professional school. Information from our 2010 survey of readers at The Well can be found here. Many of our readers are women faculty members.  According to the survey, men make up approximately 10% of our audience.

Regular features at The Well include:

In Focus: Thoughtful, articles on the intersection of life, work, and faith

Reflections: Stories and meditations on our relationship with God

Dear Mentor: Mentors respond to readers’ questions

Spiritual Formation: Resources and practices for growing faith

Voices: Interviews with academic and professional women

Arts, Books, and Media:  Reviews, works of art, and inspiration from Christian women working in the arts

Staff Resources: Resources for serving women in the academy and professions

We pray that this website will encourage women to see their time in graduate school, their work on faculty, and their professional roles as subject to the bigger purposes God has for them. We are thrilled to see so many gifted women believers getting the training they need and serving in vital and challenging work arenas.

We pray, however, that study and work not be the end point.  We pray that Jesus will free women to become those who thirst no more, full of living water, able to offer it to all who are thirsty.

Welcome to The Well! It's here for you.

If you are interested in writing for The Well, read our Writer's Guidelines.