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Book excerpts, book reviews, poetry, photography, fiction, images of visual artwork, reflections on art or on the life of the artist, and other creative endeavors by or of interest to women in the academy and professions.

Aleah Marsden

Aleah Marsden considers James K. A. Smith's invitation to allow liturgical practices to form our vision of the good life.

Anna Moseley Gissing

Anna Moseley Gissing dives into Andy Crouch's latest book about the dynamics of power and vulnerability.

Laura Cline

Laura Cline reflects on real faith in this original poem. 

Jen Underwood

Jen Underwood explores the intersection of life, faith, and paper-writing in this original poem.

Amber Noel

What is gender dysphoria? What does discipleship look like for those who encounter it? How might we respond? Amber Noel reviews Mark Yarhouse’s book on this topic and addresses these questions and more.

Christine Jeske

Professor Christine Jeske shares some of the gifts she has gleaned from Gary Burge's recent book for faculty at every stage.

Lisa Rieck

Lisa Rieck offers a prayer-poem reflecting the challenge of following a call when the initial clarity is gone.

Michelle Arnold Paine

Artist Michelle Paine contrasts the archetypal reactions of Eve and Mary in this final installment of four Advent reflections.

Michelle Arnold Paine

Artist Michelle Arnold Paine leads us into a meditation on Mary's role as the vehicle for Christ's birth in this third of four Advent reflections.

Michelle Arnold Paine

Artist Michelle Paine invites us to consider the concept of "thresholds" in this second of four Advent reflections.