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Ann Boyd

Waking up in the mornings has always been a terrible experience for me. Particularly in the winter, the process of wrenching myself out of bed before it is even light feels offensive, violent, and wrong...

Molly Bosscher
I spent yesterday with an old friend. It was wonderful to catch up and hear how a major decision she’d made has influenced her life. Eleven years ago, she dropped out of college and joined the Navy...
Christine Twedt
I love going on road trips with friends. You learn a lot about your friends when you’re in the car with them for hours at a time. I have learned that Jill should never be given more than one Biggie Iced Tea during a trip, if you don’t want...
Kathy Tuan-MacLean

For years, I rejected my call to be a leader. Or at least, I rejected embracing the identity of being a leader by calling everything I did that looked “leaderly” something else...

Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

When I was fifteen, a blood test revealed that I was a carrier for the disease that had killed my father less than a year earlier. Two years later, my grandfather died of the same disease. I have lived with a subconscious sense of urgency ever since...

Marcia Bosscher

How can women thrive in an academic setting? Listen in on the audio recording of the Women in the Academy & Professions seminar offered at Urbana 15.

Jessica Fox

For the many undergraduate attendees, Urbana conferences are rich with mountain-top experiences, diverse prayer opportunities, mission trip destinations, well-priced InterVarsity Press books, special-interest groups, and thousands of like-minded individuals. But what is it like to attend Urbana as a grad student?

Tish Harrison Warren

Since my early twenties, I’ve gotten migraines. It is hard for me to describe them without sounding dramatic. They are, in actuality, a little dramatic. And they have shaped me, my life, my family, and my view of God.

Anna Moseley Gissing

Dr. Christena Cleveland is a hero of mine: an accomplished social psychologist, associate professor at Duke, friend of The Well, a woman of vibrant faith. What does it mean when I say she is “one of us”? 

Christine Jeske

For many people, commuting falls into a category alongside purgatory, jail time, and colonoscopies.  I like to hope these hours we while away in subways, buses, and highways have some greater potential...

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