Ashley Van Dragt

Ashley Van Dragt considers the Christmas story in light of her own birth story and reckons with the difference.

Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd invites us to accept God's gift of Sabbath rest on Christmas Day.

Heather Walker Peterson

Heather Walker Peterson explores the tension of living amidst both the secular and the sacred at this time of year.

Tricia Robinson

Artist Tricia Robinson leads us more deeply into Advent through her depiction of these four women from Jesus's line of heritage.

Ann Boyd

I started listening to Christmas music early this year. We usually adhere to a strict no-Christmas-music-before-Thanksgiving rule, but my need for comfort was so intense that I felt the call to stray from our usual practice the week before Thanksgiving...

Anna Moseley Gissing

During Advent several years ago, I was great with child. Waiting on the Christ child was so intertwined with waiting on the birth of our baby that my 20-month-old son confused our baby girl with the baby Jesus when first introduced....

Michelle Arnold Paine

Artist Michelle Paine invites us to consider the concept of "thresholds" in this second of four Advent reflections.

Michelle Arnold Paine
Artist Michelle Paine leads us into a meditation on Mary's role in bringing about the "new dawn" in this first of four Advent reflections.
Anna Moseley Gissing

During Advent 2009, I was “great with child.” In fact, when we introduced our newborn daughter to our toddler son in early January, he mistook her for the baby Jesus. Pregnancy reminds me of Advent...

How can I find time for Advent preparations with all of the pressures of school?

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