Adele Ahlberg Calhoun

Adele Ahlberg Calhoun instructs us in the practice of prayerful coloring and offers two pages from her new coloring book.

Tricia Robinson

Artist Tricia Robinson leads us more deeply into Advent through her depiction of these four women from Jesus's line of heritage.

Marcia Bosscher

Marcia Bosscher reports back on her experience with an art-focused learning community in Italy.

Stephanie Gehring

“Wheat dies so many times,” writes poet and artist Stephanie Gehring as she begins this Lenten meditation.

Lauralee Farrer

Film maker Lauralee Farrer advocates for a work ethic that produces profound art and profound lives.

Bobbette Rose

What purpose does art have in the church and in our world? Artist Bobbette Rose travels to Africa and back considering the question.

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