Dorothy Littell Greco

Dorothy Greco considers the ways our families of origin impact our marriages in an excerpt from her recent book.

Ellane Park

Ellane Park highlights the ways Hope Jahren's memoir inspires and challenges her own life in the sciences.

Tish Harrison Warren talks with us about her new book and what she’s learned about worship and everyday life through writing it.

Tish Harrison Warren

Tish Harrison Warren offers us a framework for the theology of embodiment in this excerpt from her recent book, Liturgy of the Ordinary

Dorothy Littell Greco

Writer Dorothy Greco reviews "Crossing the Waters: Following Jesus through the Storms, the Fish, the Doubt, and the Seas" — a new book that is part spiritual memoir and part exploration of the question, "What does it mean to follow Jesus?"

Bethany Bowen-Wefuan

PhD student Bethany Bowen-Wefuan describes the powerful impact starting a reading group has had on her life and gives practical steps for starting your own.

In this second segment of a two-part interview series, economist Diane Schanzenbach talks with us about eHarmony, marriage, and family life.

Anna Moseley Gissing

Anna Moseley Gissing reviews The Road Back to You, a new book from InterVarsity Press on the Enneagram.

Ashley Hales

Ashley Hales invites us to consider reading as an act of social change in her review of Chris Smith's Reading for the Common Good.

Tish Harrison Warren

A few years ago, the InterVarsity chapter I led, along with 13 other religious groups, lost its status as a recognized student organization at Vanderbilt because we required...

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