Carmen Imes

Carmen Imes reflects on a year of taking Sheryl Sandberg’s advice.

Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd invites us to accept God's gift of Sabbath rest on Christmas Day.

Heather Walker Peterson

Heather Walker Peterson explores the tension of living amidst both the secular and the sacred at this time of year.

Anne Pharr

Anne Pharr acknowledges the compassion fatigue that strikes the best teachers at the end of the semester.

Jen Underwood

Jen Underwood explores the intersection of life, faith, and paper-writing in this original poem.

Christine Jeske
One week before my family ended a ten-month stay in South Africa, I had a dream. In the dream, an old white-haired woman looked me in the eye and said...
Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

When I was young, Sunday was the busiest day of the week for our family. We would usually pull out of our garage by 8:30 am, commuting 20-30 minutes to one of the few Chinese immigrant churches in our area. Sunday school came first...

Annie Wald

Annie Wald experiences God's direction in pruning her physical and temporal life.

Christena Cleveland

Last week, my neighbor needed a neighbor but I was too busy to be one.  She’s dealing with some harrowing systemic injustices at work and needed someone to lament with her, walk alongside her, and advocate for her. She reached out to me, but I didn’t reach back . . .

Marcia Bosscher

I sat a few nights ago in a cavernous Congregational church in Madison while the Bach musicians rehearsed. Unable to attend their concert, I came instead to the dress rehearsal...

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