call for stories

Beth Bruno

Beth Bruno shares about the surprising direction her life has taken as a minister to those enslaved by the sex industry.

Pat Feldhake

Pat Feldhake shares about the profound impact Jo Fields has made as a mentor in her life.

Lathania Brown

Lathania Brown experiences training for life and ministry through the rigors of graduate school.

Bronwyn Lea

Bronwyn Lea introduces us to the kingdom work of a remarkable Spanish Linguistics professor.

Christine Jeske

Chrissy Jeske unapologetically describes the impracticality — and great worth — of her career pursuits.

Katelyn Beaty

Katelyn Beaty describes with admiration the calling on the life of this literature professor.

We put out a Call for Stories with five $500 cash prizes to be awarded, for compelling stories of women influencing their corner of the world. We sought stories of graduate, faculty, and professional women of Christian faith . . .

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