Carmen Imes

Carmen Imes reflects on a year of taking Sheryl Sandberg’s advice.

WAP Director Karen Guzmán talks with mathematician Natasha Dobrinen about being a smart girl, following God's call, and her unique take on solving problems in the second segment of a two-part interview.

Beth Bruno

Beth Bruno describes the way grad school gave her spiritual refreshment in her early years of motherhood.

In this first segment of a two-part interview series, economist Diane Schanzenbach talks with us about her work in public policy and higher ed, including her research into the food stamp program.

Ashley Hales

I was 12 when I discovered how much I loved diagramming sentences. I’d fill cheap spiral notebooks with stories and journals with attempts at poetry. I read by the light of the headlights behind us on road trips...

Heather Walker Peterson

My friend Caroline is reading the Old Testament passage and Psalm. She tucks her hair back behind her ears, bending over the lectern. (This is a friend who tears up when she holds out the goblet of wine to me during the Eucharist: “The cup of salvation.”) She is reading a portion of Ruth...

Physician Susie Cha Jang talks with us about her experience with internal medicine, her family life, and following Jesus through it all.

Chandra Crane

We are called to be salt and light on earth, as this responsive reading reminds us.

Bronwyn Lea

 Bronwyn Lea tells of her meandering journey seeking her calling — and the pattern God is finally revealing.

Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

I’m realizing that my life may not be all about me. And that is a hard, hard truth to swallow...

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