Ashley Van Dragt

Ashley Van Dragt considers the Christmas story in light of her own birth story and reckons with the difference.

Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd invites us to accept God's gift of Sabbath rest on Christmas Day.

Ashley Van Dragt
When you grow up with divorced parents, Christmas is messy. I have this distinct memory of the first Christmas I spent with my newly single dad. When we got to his small, under-furnished apartment, I think it hit all of us...
Anna Moseley Gissing

During Advent 2009, I was “great with child.” In fact, when we introduced our newborn daughter to our toddler son in early January, he mistook her for the baby Jesus. Pregnancy reminds me of Advent...

How can I find time for Advent preparations with all of the pressures of school?

Anna Moseley Gissing

Anna Gissing talks to The Well about the significance and celebration of Epiphany.

Katherine Jeffrey

Katherine Jeffrey sees a theological symmetry between the first and second Eve, but also the human side of both women's suffering.

Marcia Bosscher

I sat a few nights ago in a cavernous Congregational church in Madison while the Bach musicians rehearsed. Unable to attend their concert, I came instead to the dress rehearsal...

Patty Kirk

Christmas is not only a time of great celebrations, but also of mourning and weeping.

Patty Kirk

What do we do with all the trappings of Christmas? Party on! says writer Patty Kirk. 

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