Tish Harrison Warren

As an old millenial or a young Gen Xer and as someone who ministers among graduate students who are mostly millenials, I have read with interest Rachel Held Evans’ “Why millenials are leaving the church,” and the widespread discussion . . .

An interview with an MBA and ministry leader, chronicling her journey from communist leader to cultural transformer.

Karen Swallow Prior

As a graduate student, Karen Swallow Prior was introduced to John Milton's concept of reading books promiscuously by a professor initially hostile to Christianity.

Holly Ordway

Holly describes the role of literature in her coming to faith and the connection between her development as a teacher and her discipleship as a Christian.

Naomi Haynes

An anthropologist of religion describes her experience with new believers in Zambia and how, as in the book of Acts, conversion brings a reexamination of culture.

Mary Poplin

What could bring a radical scholar to faith in Jesus? Read professor and author Mary Poplin's fascinating story.

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