Nancy Pedulla

It happened to me again last week. I was leading a training event and each participant was sharing a formative time in his or her development as a leader. One woman was talking about her experience as a leader planning a national leadership development project...

Hannah Eagleson

Hannah Eagleson offers guidelines for navigating a complex career path.

Bob Trube

Bob Trube helps us think about how to pay attention.

Jessica Fox

An English teacher in Southeast Asia joins a trail-running club and sees connections to her journey with God.

Christine Jeske

Chrissy Jeske promised to report back on her effort to create margins in her life. How did she do?

Lorita Boyle

Finding the right church can be a struggle after experiencing close grad school fellowships.

Christine Jeske

Margins make a visual design — and a life — more appealing. But, Chrissy Jeske asks, how do we make that space?

Sharon Gartland

Calling advent “a very female season,” Sharon Gartland considers how we hear and respond to God’s invitations.

Christine Jeske

Returning to graduate school and overwhelmed with the added responsibilities of being a spouse, parent, and homeowner, Chrissy Jeske found encouragement in an unexpected place.

Grace Chiu

Amid the cacophony of advice from well-meaning friends, writer Grace Chiu finds the most difficult counsel she’s had to wrestle with is from God himself.

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