WAP Director Karen Guzmán talks with mathematician Natasha Dobrinen about her journey into higher math and the way her faith informs her work in the first segment of a two-part interview. 

Andrea Ray

“You could be doing more, should be doing better, and really, what does that recent failed experiment say about you as a scientist?” That nagging little voice is colloquially known as imposter syndrome...

Christine Twedt

If we continue to strugglel with issues we thought we'd put behind us, does that mean we're stuck in the same place? Christine Twedt says, no, God's blessings are here as well.

The job market is terrible. Can I trust God with this problem?

Rebecca Rodgers

MFA grad Rebecca Rogers considers faith in the midst of endless job applications in unresponsive directions.

A postdoc in the sciences describes the challenges of her grad school career and her path back to hope and passion.

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