Kathy Tuan-MacLean
“Don’t let male spirituality determine your spirituality.” The words leapt off the page as I sat in the crowd at a spiritual formation retreat for InterVarsity women staff. Julie Anderton, a spiritual director, had passed out an outline...
Stephanie White

At the church I’ve joined this year, my pastor includes in her closing benediction, just before the words, “go in peace,” a direct and calm command to us: “Be not afraid.” She pauses a little each Sunday...

Kami Rice

Kami Rice describes her own struggles with fear, reflecting on the richness that comes with embracing risk.

Stephanie White

This past summer, after taking five months off to be with my newborn, I went back to work. My department chair was, I think, trying to do me a solid, and he assigned me to teach two online classes. This made my days completely flexible...

Stephanie White

A few years ago I had to decide whether or not to be tested for a genetic disorder, a choice that for me came down to whether or not I would live in fear. I remember putting it to an agnostic friend that way as I parsed through the decision...

Heather Ardrey

Heather Ardrey describes her journey toward gratitude in her newfound island life.

Tish Harrison Warren

I am a mother who catastrophizes. I walk into a room and, without conscious effort, notice five ways that my busy one-year-old could injure herself in it. My daughter gets a cough, and I imagine...

Anna Moseley Gissing
Could I just skip the risk, please?  That’s my desire. Could I please accomplish what God’s calling me to do without experiencing fear? Could I get there without taking risks or facing my tremendous fear of failure?
Carmen Acevedo Butcher

Strong lungs gave loud cries that opened my sky and started tears I couldn’t control; this joy’s never-before-ness soaked my cheeks. I wanted to see the new person my husband was holding . . .

Annie Wald

Hidden in a small red leather-bound volume with letter-press printing, Annie Wald sees a lesson for our lives.

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