Ashley Hales

Ashley Hales invites us to consider reading as an act of social change in her review of Chris Smith's Reading for the Common Good.

Anna Moseley Gissing

Anna Moseley Gissing dives into Andy Crouch's latest book about the dynamics of power and vulnerability.

Christine Jeske

How does one embrace life again after a season of intense academic work? Anthropology professor Christine Jeske offers her best advice.

Anna Plantinga
"Is academia a frivolous waste of time when we could be telling people about Jesus, or is there a deeper significance to a life of learning? And if learning is worthwhile on an eternal scale, are some questions more worthy than others?" Anna Plantinga reflects on these important questions.
Grace Chiu

Is God being unusually cruel when he withholds the benefits and blessings of marriage? Grace Chiu examines the theology behind some of our responses to singleness.

Patty Kirk

What do we do with all the trappings of Christmas? Party on! says writer Patty Kirk. 

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