Lisa Rieck

Lisa Rieck describes how her diverse group of friends enriches her life and offers tips to help us befriend others.

Lisa Rieck

In March, my second cousin, Sue, passed away unexpectedly. I knew her as a spunky, funny, adventurous woman, but I was unprepared for the number of people who attended her memorial service. Though there were well over 200 guests...

Christine Twedt

There I was in the dark ultrasound room, a lab technician trying to detect what was causing so much pain and dysfunction in my body. I felt scared and vulnerable. But there was...

How can I make friends as a busy professor in a new community?

Christine Jeske

Some people easily find themselves in community with friends and neighbors, but what if you’re in a place where that just isn’t happening?

Christena Cleveland

Why do divisions between women exist? Christena Cleveland describes her own experience and a way out.

Marcia Bosscher

Ambivalent about Valentine’s Day? Our writers suggest ten ways to make Valentine’s Day memorable.

Sharon Gartland

Sharon Gartland encourages us to be willing to listen well and process communally in this election year.

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