God's love

Sara Scheunemann

Sometimes when you meet a new friend you know instantaneously that she will enter your inner circle. Other times a person moves in and out of your life, gradually drawing closer, until you turn to her one day and notice she has a greater presence...

Natalia Kwok

Natalia Kwok describes her calling in the field of occupational therapy.

Dorothy Boorse
The Lenten season has been odd without Facebook. I've checked on you all periodically, occasionally liking or Happy Birthday-ing, but I miss you. However, I've spent less time thinking, "Now what is a humorous way to say that on Facebook?" so that's probably a good thing . . .
Rachel McLaughlin

Rachel McLaughlin describes her experience as a doctor in Burundi in this award-winning piece at The Well.

Carmen Acevedo Butcher

The low, dull roar of an industrial fan in concert with the higher-pitched hum of the wet-dry vac in my office drew my heart’s easily preoccupied ear to God’s ever underlying, eloquent silence . . .

Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

Is God Asian? The emphasis on community, the love of feasting, the promotion of modesty, and how honoring your parents is as important as not committing murder. But there are also what feel like impossible standards . . .

Christine Twedt

If we continue to strugglel with issues we thought we'd put behind us, does that mean we're stuck in the same place? Christine Twedt says, no, God's blessings are here as well.

Sara Scheunemann

Summer wanes, and the start of the academic year is around the corner at my university. As a child, I wished the summer months away, eager to return to school. Buying notebooks and new tennis shoes . . .

Annie Wald

Who we believe we are can deeply influence what we do and how we respond to circumstances in life.

Deborah Haarsma

Professor Deborah Haarsma shares some of her favorite astronomy photos and considers what they reveal to her as a Christian.

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