Jen Pollock Michel

Author Jen Pollock Michel reflects on the discipline of watching for God as a tool to cultivate gratitude.

Laura Goetsch

Laura Goetsch reflects on the powerful community life she experienced during the crucible of grad school.

Heather Ardrey

Heather Ardrey describes her journey toward gratitude in her newfound island life.

Tish Harrison Warren

“I’ve had worse cuts on my lip and just kept on whistling.” When we got hurt as kids, my dad warmly echoed this refrain often enough that it’s become a family joke. My father, who actually hardly ever whistles . . .

Jay Sivits

Jay Sivits describes why gratitude is important and gives three exercises for developing a thankful heart.

Marcia Bosscher

I'm revisiting the idea of thanksgiving lists.  A number cropped up on Facebook this year, and these lists of thankfulness are the major theme...

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