integration of faith

Anna Plantinga
"Is academia a frivolous waste of time when we could be telling people about Jesus, or is there a deeper significance to a life of learning? And if learning is worthwhile on an eternal scale, are some questions more worthy than others?" Anna Plantinga reflects on these important questions.
Kathy Cooper

As Kathy Cooper became intentional about integrating faith, learning, and practice, God reshaped her ministry in almost every area.

Bob Trube

Bob Trube helps us think about how to pay attention.

Christy Moran Craft

Professor Christy Moran Craft reports on a qualitative research study designed to look at how Christian faculty members express their faith within public institutions.

Andy Crouch

Andy Crouch, married to physicist Catherine Crouch, describes the scientific life itself as a vocation that can reflect the image of God — a vocation to be attended to and prayerfully encouraged and supported.

Jayme M. Yeo

Jayme Yeo finds her academic work and her faith can richly inform each other and gives practical resources for work and faith integration.

Jayme M. Yeo

Graduate student Jayme Yeo describes the opportunities and obstacles for spiritual, personal, and professional growth in grad school.

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