job market

How can we live respectfully in the same house?

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Jennifer Woodruff Tait opens up about her non-traditional career track in this award-winning piece.

Dear Mentor, What advice do you have for someone considering a job with a plane commute?

I just found out I am pregnant. Should I continue my job search?

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Historian Jennifer Woodruff Tait and her professor husband see a critical need for the study of history, but find the modern academic system all but incompatible with family life.

The job market is terrible. Can I trust God with this problem?

Jayme M. Yeo

A job-seeker sees the attitude of impoverishment in the academic job market leading to spiritual impoverishment in her own soul.

As a job-seeker, how do you assess the attitude toward women on a college campus?

Margarita Mooney

Sociologist Margarita Mooney discusses what she sees as a woman professor.

Rebecca Rodgers

MFA grad Rebecca Rogers considers faith in the midst of endless job applications in unresponsive directions.

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