Bethany Bowen-Wefuan

PhD student Bethany Bowen-Wefuan describes the powerful impact starting a reading group has had on her life and gives practical steps for starting your own.

Ashley Hales

Ashley Hales invites us to consider reading as an act of social change in her review of Chris Smith's Reading for the Common Good.

Karen Swallow Prior

Karen Swallow Prior shares the content of one of her favorite lectures.

Looking for a good book to curl up with this summer? We have a list for you.

Karen Swallow Prior

Perhaps students plagiarize because they have a false idea of what is expected of them as scholars; Jonathan Swift offers a corrective in his story of a bee.

Karen Swallow Prior

As a graduate student, Karen Swallow Prior was introduced to John Milton's concept of reading books promiscuously by a professor initially hostile to Christianity.

Holly Ordway

Holly describes the role of literature in her coming to faith and the connection between her development as a teacher and her discipleship as a Christian.

Carmen Acevedo Butcher

Do you experience the joy of God’s playfulness? Carmen Acevedo Butcher finds evidence of it in the literature she studies and in her life.

Laura Veltman

English professor Laura Veltman finds Truth in fiction and gives some suggested readings.

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