Carmen Acevedo Butcher

I had worked there three months without even so much as tapping it once. I had, however, eyed, admired, analyzed, wondered at, and resisted it. Scholarship-enabled, I was an anxiety-ridden sophomore . . .

Grace Chiu

Is God being unusually cruel when he withholds the benefits and blessings of marriage? Grace Chiu examines the theology behind some of our responses to singleness.

Tish Harrison Warren

I was nearly 22 years old and had just returned to my college town from a part of Africa that had missed the last three centuries. As I walked to church in my weathered, worn-in Chaco’s, I bumped into our new associate pastor...

Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd introduces the system for daily journaling that has been an important tool for spiritual formation in her life.

Christena Cleveland

Why do divisions between women exist? Christena Cleveland describes her own experience and a way out.

Christine Jeske

Chrissy Jeske promised to report back on her effort to create margins in her life. How did she do?

Halee Gray Scott

Halee Gray Scott finds her calling making connections between the colonnade and the cathedral.

Angie Crea O'Neal

What happens when our expectations and desires do not align with the reality of the life we're given?

Naomi Haynes

An ethnographer encourages Christians to build bridges of solidarity with believers around the world.

Dorothy Boorse

How do you measure your success in the academic world? It all depends on which questions you ask.

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