Physician Susie Cha Jang talks with us about her experience with internal medicine, her family life, and following Jesus through it all.

Michelle Shappell Harris

Ebola. The headlines began with updates on the spread of the virus in Liberia, Sierre Leone, and Guinea, then the report of an American doctor and nurse falling ill and their arrival on US soil, Liberia has now declared a state of emergency . . .

Ann Dominguez

Physician Ann Dominguez reflects on sharing the sufferings of Christ in her everyday work.

Rachel McLaughlin

Rachel McLaughlin describes her experience as a doctor in Burundi in this award-winning piece at The Well.

Ann Dominguez

A resident physician explores the intersection of her faith and her medical training in the face of a morally difficult situation.

Tricia Hall

Physician and mother Tricia Hall shares a day in her life and answers questions about negotiating work and family commitments.

We caught Regina Sun as she returned to work after maternity leave and quizzed her on life, faith, work, and family.

Jennifer Jao

Physician Jennifer Jao hears God speaking to her through her interactions with clinic patients in west Africa.

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