In this first segment of a two-part interview series, economist Diane Schanzenbach talks with us about her work in public policy and higher ed, including her research into the food stamp program.

Nancy Pedulla

It happened to me again last week. I was leading a training event and each participant was sharing a formative time in his or her development as a leader. One woman was talking about her experience as a leader planning a national leadership development project...

Debbie Gin

Debbie Gin shares her experience of assembling mentors to advise you in the broad spectrum of your formation.

Debbie Gin

How do you picture a mentor relationship? Debbie Gin offers a few different models to consider when investing time with a mentor.

As a PhD student, my husband and I are considering the best time to have children.  Do you have any advice on this?

An article from ESN on the question: should one pursue a PhD?

Bob Trube

Bob Trube helps us think about how to pay attention.

What are the keys to success in graduate school?

Lisa Clark Diller

Lisa Clark Diller describes the actions she took to get the mentoring she needed as a new professor.

What devotional resources do you recommend?

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