Michelle Shappell Harris

Michelle Harris entreats us to think carefully and act mercifully toward the refugees in our midst and across the globe.

Naomi Haynes

Anthropologist Naomi Haynes reflects on the spiritual truths she has learned through living in another culture.

Caryn Reeder

Caryn Reeder debunks common misconceptions about the character of the Samaritan woman from John 4.

Kathy Cooper

As Kathy Cooper became intentional about integrating faith, learning, and practice, God reshaped her ministry in almost every area.

An interview with an MBA and ministry leader, chronicling her journey from communist leader to cultural transformer.

Jamie Noyd

What do you do when the trip that everyone said was going to change your life doesn't?

Naomi Haynes

An anthropologist of religion describes her experience with new believers in Zambia and how, as in the book of Acts, conversion brings a reexamination of culture.

Naomi Haynes

An ethnographer encourages Christians to build bridges of solidarity with believers around the world.

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