Kristen Padilla

Kristen Padilla found herself on a surprisingly long and winding road as she pursued her calling, but God met her in the midst of it.

Heather Walker Peterson

Our Christmas card photo unnerved me this year. Our two young daughters in burgundy and raspberry velvet dresses, my husband in a brownish jacket, me in a dark chambray dress with a cabled sweater and a red-beaded necklace...

Beth Bruno

Beth Bruno describes the way grad school gave her spiritual refreshment in her early years of motherhood.

In this second segment of a two-part interview series, economist Diane Schanzenbach talks with us about eHarmony, marriage, and family life.

Ann Dominguez

I watched the NOVA special Chasing Pluto today. My children were blown away to find out that the New Horizons Pluto probe which just this summer reached its target, was launched in 2006, before some of them were even born...

How can we live respectfully in the same house?

Amy Julia Becker

High achiever Amy Julia Becker confronts the idea of flawless perfection as an ideal in our culture and in her own life.

As a single mother, she worked as a beloved and dedicated teacher, studied for her PhD, and raised three boys — including InterVarsity president Alec Hill. The Well interviewed Alec about her influence on his life.

How do I handle my own research work with a commuting spouse and family responsibilities?

Angie Crea O'Neal

What happens when our expectations and desires do not align with the reality of the life we're given?

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