Laura Cline

Laura Cline reflects on real faith in this original poem. 

Jen Underwood

Jen Underwood explores the intersection of life, faith, and paper-writing in this original poem.

Lisa Rieck

Lisa Rieck offers a prayer-poem reflecting the challenge of following a call when the initial clarity is gone.

E.V. Clare

Two poems by E.V. Clare.

Kate Norlander

Kate Norlander gives us a picture of one of the most stunning experiences of the Urbana conference.

Lisa Rieck

Poetry by Lisa Marie Rieck: "We didn’t think to pray/for rain that spring and summer. . ."

Katherine Jeffrey

Katherine Jeffrey sees a theological symmetry between the first and second Eve, but also the human side of both women's suffering.

Annie Wald

Hidden in a small red leather-bound volume with letter-press printing, Annie Wald sees a lesson for our lives.

Holly Ordway

Holly describes the role of literature in her coming to faith and the connection between her development as a teacher and her discipleship as a Christian.

Abigail Zimmer

Abigail Zimmer considers the worth of investing time and money into a hard and possibly obscure career.

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