Tish Harrison Warren
To the men who have met with me one-on-one: In light of the Vice- President’s revelation that he does not share meals with women (besides his wife) one-on-one and the widespread discussion...
Lisa Rieck

Lisa Rieck describes how her diverse group of friends enriches her life and offers tips to help us befriend others.

Dorothy Littell Greco

Dorothy Greco considers the ways our families of origin impact our marriages in an excerpt from her recent book.

Scott Santibañez

Scott Santibañez offers wise counsel about attending to the role of finances in relationships.

Bronwyn Lea

Bronwyn Lea tells of the change of heart she underwent after being royally unimpressed with the man who would become her husband.

Carmen Acevedo Butcher

I went strawberry-picking with a friend the other day. The afternoon sun was welcome after so many weeks of cold, wet weather, and when it got too warm, a good breeze blew coolness through the rows of low-growing green plants . . .

Sylvia Boomsma

What can an older woman and keeper of chickens offer to some of the brightest women on campus?

Stephanie White

UW-Madison grad women reflect on the power and necessity of a support group in their academic lives.

Marcia Bosscher

Ambivalent about Valentine’s Day? Our writers suggest ten ways to make Valentine’s Day memorable.

Grace Chiu

Amid the cacophony of advice from well-meaning friends, writer Grace Chiu finds the most difficult counsel she’s had to wrestle with is from God himself.

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