Ellane Park

Ellane Park highlights the ways Hope Jahren's memoir inspires and challenges her own life in the sciences.

Karen Hice Guzmán

Karen Hice Guzmán describes the challenges faced by women in STEM fields and offers suggestions to help.

Mary Schweitzer talks with us about her groundbreaking paleontology research and how it has affected her life and faith.

Mary Schweitzer tells the tale of her circuitous route into paleontology in this first installment of a two-part interview.

My advisor treats me and my work with contempt and scorn. What can I do?

Climatologist Katharine Hayhoe describes how she came to work in the field of climate change, the critical nature of her work, and her experience as a woman in science.

Ann Dominguez

I watched the NOVA special Chasing Pluto today. My children were blown away to find out that the New Horizons Pluto probe which just this summer reached its target, was launched in 2006, before some of them were even born...

Researcher Ruth Bancewicz talks us through the deep connections between science and faith.

Kathryn Applegate

Kathryn Applegate shares her journey from the Bible Belt to the biology lab and the challenges she encountered along the way.

Dorothy Boorse

Dorothy Boorse describes her passion for the full meaning of the word "stewardship."

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