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Wendy Quay Honeycutt

Wendy Quay Honeycutt looks at how the writers of Scripture bear witness to God’s work in their midst in this second of a series of three articles.

Wendy Quay Honeycutt

Wendy Quay Honeycutt considers how the various genres of Scripture create space for its true authoritative nature in this first of a series of three articles.

DeeDee Wilson

DeeDee Wilson shares her hard-earned wisdom about the best place to find one's sense of value.

Tish Harrison Warren
To the men who have met with me one-on-one: In light of the Vice- President’s revelation that he does not share meals with women (besides his wife) one-on-one and the widespread discussion...
Kristen Padilla

Kristen Padilla found herself on a surprisingly long and winding road as she pursued her calling, but God met her in the midst of it.

Tish Harrison Warren talks with us about her new book and what she’s learned about worship and everyday life through writing it.

Ann Boyd

No matter what your political leanings, it’s a complicated time in the United States. There’s no debating the fact that roughly half (or more) of the country will be sorely disappointed when they awake on the morning of November 9...

Anna Moseley Gissing

Anna Moseley Gissing reviews The Road Back to You, a new book from InterVarsity Press on the Enneagram.

Tish Harrison Warren

A few years ago, the InterVarsity chapter I led, along with 13 other religious groups, lost its status as a recognized student organization at Vanderbilt because we required...

Chandra Crane

We are called to be salt and light on earth, as this responsive reading reminds us.

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