Christine Jeske
One week before my family ended a ten-month stay in South Africa, I had a dream. In the dream, an old white-haired woman looked me in the eye and said...
Camille McCall

Camille McCall shares her experience of seeking — and finding — God in her life.

an anonymous university staff member

An anonymous university staff member shares her experience of being the spouse of a person with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Dear Mentor: Are there unique ways for a Christ-follower to deal with stress?

Jen Pollock Michel

Jen Michel explores some thoughts on the risks and responsibilities of desire in this second post of a two-part series.

Audrey Bowden

Audrey Ellerbee opens up about the framework she finds in Scripture for managing her perfectionism.

Tish Harrison Warren

I am a mother who catastrophizes. I walk into a room and, without conscious effort, notice five ways that my busy one-year-old could injure herself in it. My daughter gets a cough, and I imagine...

Tish Harrison Warren

I recently came across the Duke University study that concludes that women need more sleep than men do and that sleep deprivation causes greater physical and emotional stress in women than in men. I immediately forwarded it . . .

The job market is terrible. Can I trust God with this problem?

Angie Crea O'Neal

Angie Crea O'Neal didn't know about Mulenga's story when she planned her presentation for the women's conference, nor that his testimony would directly precede hers — but God did.

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