Anne Pharr

English professor Anne Pharr considers the gifts and benefits of revealing one's religious convictions honestly — even in the face of scorn.

Tish Harrison Warren

I’d like to propose a moratorium on the use of the phrase “personal relationship with Christ.” A close friend who recently attended my Anglican church was alarmed that we read what she called “other people’s prayers.” She said that we need . . .

Ann Dominguez

A resident physician explores the intersection of her faith and her medical training in the face of a morally difficult situation.

An interview with an MBA and ministry leader, chronicling her journey from communist leader to cultural transformer.

Christy Moran Craft

Professor Christy Moran Craft reports on a qualitative research study designed to look at how Christian faculty members express their faith within public institutions.

In social sciences, I’m often asked to explain the values motivating my research. How do I respond with the truth in an antagonistic setting?

Jayme M. Yeo

Jayme Yeo finds her academic work and her faith can richly inform each other and gives practical resources for work and faith integration.

Jayme M. Yeo

Graduate student Jayme Yeo describes the opportunities and obstacles for spiritual, personal, and professional growth in grad school.

Heather Holleman

Writing professor Heather Holleman invites students into her home and into her life.

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