women in leadership

Nancy Pedulla

It happened to me again last week. I was leading a training event and each participant was sharing a formative time in his or her development as a leader. One woman was talking about her experience as a leader planning a national leadership development project...

Kathy Tuan-MacLean
“Don’t let male spirituality determine your spirituality.” The words leapt off the page as I sat in the crowd at a spiritual formation retreat for InterVarsity women staff. Julie Anderton, a spiritual director, had passed out an outline...
Christine Twedt

There I was in the dark ultrasound room, a lab technician trying to detect what was causing so much pain and dysfunction in my body. I felt scared and vulnerable. But there was...

Marcia Bosscher

Marcia Bosscher gives an overview of the excellent programming and conversations that occurred at the Flourish: Atlanta conference in September 2014.

Marcia Bosscher

Keynote speaker Rosalind Picard overheard an interaction between her husband and his younger sister and shared it with the Flourish: Atlanta audience. Asked to fix a flat on her bike, he replied, “It might be good to pretend...

Paula Fuller shares the story of her life and call to ministry — including family conflicts, romance, and an armed robbery attempt. 

Halee Gray Scott

Halee Gray Scott shares an excerpt of her book on the challenges of leadership for Christian women.

Suzanne Burden

What gives? How did you change your mind so dramatically? An old roommate sent a Facebook message, inquiring why I seemed to have done a turnaround on the issue of women in ministry . . . .

Karon Morton, Vice President and Director of Operations at InterVarsity, talks about her work as a woman in leadership.

Anna Moseley Gissing
Anna Gissing shares insights on calling in light of the circumstances that inspire and define her own vocation.

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