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Ann Dominguez

I watched the NOVA special Chasing Pluto today. My children were blown away to find out that the New Horizons Pluto probe which just this summer reached its target, was launched in 2006, before some of them were even born...

Doctoral student Chelsea Foster shares her path through a variety of open doors to arrive at her current program in Organizational Leadership.

Joanne Marshall

There is an old education cartoon where a woman is standing in front of a body huddled under the bedcovers, just its toes peeking out, saying, “I know the kids don't like you and they pick on you, but you have to go to school...

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Jennifer Woodruff Tait offers her impressions of two books on the topic of living our lives and doing our work with graceful balance.

Leonie Westenberg

Discussions over coffee with my younger colleagues often centre on work and family life. Yes, this is still a question as well for many women in Australia in graduate school and post-graduate school...

Jen Pollock Michel

Jen Pollock Michel, author of CT's 2015 Book of the Year, speaks on having a practical theology of desire.

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Jennifer Woodruff Tait shares what she has learned from Karen Swallow Prior's recent offering on the life of Hannah More.

Dear Mentor: What's your advice about pursuing an online seminary degree with two young children at home?

What are some best practices for establishing office hours as a female professor?

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Jennifer Woodruff Tait reflects on the intersection of motherhood and academia.

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