Karen Stiller

I watched the older woman across the pub where my Master of Fine Arts cohort was gathering for a meet-and-greet. We were there to get to know each other and chat about our creative nonfiction writing projects. This writer had arrived...

Jen Underwood

Jen Underwood explores the intersection of life, faith, and paper-writing in this original poem.

Marcia Bosscher interviews Anna Moseley Gissing, The Well's new editor, giving us a snapshot into her life and passions.

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Jennifer Woodruff Tait shares what she has learned from Karen Swallow Prior's recent offering on the life of Hannah More.

We put out a Call for Stories with five $500 cash prizes to be awarded, for compelling stories of women influencing their corner of the world. We sought stories of graduate, faculty, and professional women of Christian faith . . .

Five $500 prizes will be awarded for the best stories. Read on for details about how to enter.

Hannah Eagleson

Hannah Eagleson offers guidelines for navigating a complex career path.

Stephanie White

Grad student Stephanie White shares the goal-setting strategies she teaches at a university writing center, applying them to academic tasks and daily life. 

Karen Swallow Prior

Perhaps students plagiarize because they have a false idea of what is expected of them as scholars; Jonathan Swift offers a corrective in his story of a bee.

Patty Kirk

Patty Kirk listens for the voice of God as she challenges her students to improve their writing.

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