Dorothy Boorse

Dorothy Boorse received her doctoral degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and joined the Gordon College Biology Faculty in January of 1999. Her primary research and teaching interests are in aquatic community ecology and invasive species. She spends a great deal of time connecting science to non-scientists and looking at ways science and faith integrate, particularly in the area of environmental ethics. Dorothy is the co-author on an environmental science textbook. She also was lead author on  "Loving the Least of These: Addressing a Changing Environment,” a report on poverty and climate change published by  the National Association of Evangelicals (2011). Dorothy is married to Gary Wernsing, and they have two sons.

Contributions by Dorothy Boorse
By Dorothy Boorse
The Lenten season has been odd without Facebook. I've checked on you all periodically, occasionally liking or Happy Birthday-ing, but I miss you. However, I've spent less time thinking, "Now what is a humorous way to say that on Facebook?" so that's probably a good thing . . .
By Dorothy Boorse

I read the recent report in Christianity Today, The Benevolent Sexism at Christian Colleges, with interest. It had created a buzz amongst both men and women friends...