Dear Mentor

The Dear Mentor column features mentors responding to questions from our audience. We welcome questions for our mentors and guest mentors.

Will baking treats for my students harm my career?

How should I respond to an older male colleague who keeps asking me to take care of his admin tasks?

I'm not having success in the dating arena. Should I bail?

I'd like to make friends, but everyone seems focused on over-indulging and I'd rather not. Is there a way forward for me?

My advisor treats me and my work with contempt and scorn. What can I do?

What kinds of policies are helpful when encountering students who wish to have their grades changed?

Between the crunch of responsibilities and opportunities for extra activities, how do you discern the best for the season?

Is it possible to be a thriving, growing person in graduate school?

Would you take baby with you to an academic conference?

The Well's mentor team offer their best strategies for preparing to start a new school year.