Dear Mentor

The Dear Mentor column features mentors responding to questions from our audience. We welcome questions for our mentors and guest mentors.

I am deeply lonely. How can I connect authentically with women in my church?

There are so many travel options, but I have home responsibilities too. How do I choose?

Dear Mentor: Are there unique ways for a Christ-follower to deal with stress?

How can I find time for Advent preparations with all of the pressures of school?

How can I make friends as a busy professor in a new community?

My degree isn't offering me lucrative jobs and I'm stuck doing something I dislike. What next?

How can I control my tears in professional situations?

Dear Mentor: What's your advice about pursuing an online seminary degree with two young children at home?

How can we live respectfully in the same house?

Dear Mentor, What advice do you have for someone considering a job with a plane commute?