Dear Mentor

The Dear Mentor column features mentors responding to questions from our audience. We welcome questions for our mentors and guest mentors.

In social sciences, I’m often asked to explain the values motivating my research. How do I respond with the truth in an antagonistic setting?

A PhD student who does not want to end up in academia considers whether she should leave her program.

How do I sell myself on the job market and still be the humble, loving person God calls me to be?

What should I look for as I’m seeking an academic advisor for my PhD program in the sciences?

I’m getting married and wondering whether to change my name. What should I consider professionally and personally?

Does God ever ask us to take on significant student loan debt to enter a graduate program?

Dear Mentor: I am working with a very difficult advisor and wondering if I should leave my program.

Dear Mentor: I see a lot of writing at The Well about balancing life with family and children, but I am single. This isn’t my choice, but it is where I am. Do you have anything to say to me as a single woman?

How do I deal with the pressures of grad school while grieving the death of my mother?

I believe God has given me intellectual gifts, but I have had a hard time settling into the right place to engage them.