Dear Mentor

The Dear Mentor column features mentors responding to questions from our audience. We welcome questions for our mentors and guest mentors.

How do I handle my own research work with a commuting spouse and family responsibilities?

ESN asked, “From a Christian perspective, why should anyone pursue a doctorate in the humanities?” Read Carmen Acevedo Butcher’s response.

I’m really discouraged about finishing my Ph.D. How do I get the encouragement I need?

Do you, and how do you, speak about faith in the academy? How do you keep from compartmentalizing your life of faith from your life in the academy?

I’m a graduate student with limited resources. How can I be hospitable? Our mentors share their own experiences of hosting and what hospitality means to them.

Our mentors respond with advice that helped them survive and thrive in grad school.

Guest mentors answer questions about the decision to not have children.

Do you have more free time as a professor than you did as a grad student?

This month we ask our mentors to think about mentoring itself — and help us go about finding one.

The Well’s mentors discuss how to handle negative feedback on class evaluations and in other places.