In Focus

In Focus articles are thoughtful and practical writings addressing the unique challenges and joys of women in the academy and professions. Topics include those dealing with the academy, professions, relationships, singleness, career decisions, and child-bearing and child-raising in the context of study and work.
DeeDee Wilson

DeeDee Wilson shares her hard-earned wisdom about the best place to find one's sense of value.

Scott Santibañez

Scott Santibañez offers wise counsel about attending to the role of finances in relationships.

Anne Pharr

English professor Anne Pharr shares what she’s learned through her experience teaching community college students.

Bethany Bowen-Wefuan

PhD student Bethany Bowen-Wefuan describes the powerful impact starting a reading group has had on her life and gives practical steps for starting your own.

For those of you who are new faculty members, we offer this collection of articles gathered from The Well and the Emerging Scholars Network to help you thrive in your new role.

Here are helpful articles to help you survive and thrive in grad school.

Anne Pharr

English professor Anne Pharr considers the gifts and benefits of revealing one's religious convictions honestly — even in the face of scorn.

Christine Jeske

How does one embrace life again after a season of intense academic work? Anthropology professor Christine Jeske offers her best advice.

Anna Plantinga
"Is academia a frivolous waste of time when we could be telling people about Jesus, or is there a deeper significance to a life of learning? And if learning is worthwhile on an eternal scale, are some questions more worthy than others?" Anna Plantinga reflects on these important questions.
Kami Rice

Kami Rice describes her own struggles with fear, reflecting on the richness that comes with embracing risk.