In Focus

In Focus articles are thoughtful and practical writings addressing the unique challenges and joys of women in the academy and professions. Topics include those dealing with the academy, professions, relationships, singleness, career decisions, and child-bearing and child-raising in the context of study and work.
Christine Jeske

For Christine Jeske, speaking for many academics, travel is worth the effort.

Hannah Eagleson

Hannah Eagleson offers guidelines for navigating a complex career path.

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Historian Jennifer Woodruff Tait and her professor husband see a critical need for the study of history, but find the modern academic system all but incompatible with family life.

Stephanie White

Grad student Stephanie White shares the goal-setting strategies she teaches at a university writing center, applying them to academic tasks and daily life. 

Sally Bruyneel Padgett and Donna Martinson

An introduction to an extraordinary woman of faith and author of "Women’s Speaking Justified," a hallmark treatise on the defense of women’s right to teach and preach.

Looking for a good book to curl up with this summer? We have a list for you.

Tricia Hall

Physician and mother Tricia Hall shares a day in her life and answers questions about negotiating work and family commitments.

An article from ESN on the question: should one pursue a PhD?

Gayle L. Reed

Forgiveness researcher Gayle Reed describes the process and power of forgiveness.

Jayme M. Yeo

A job-seeker sees the attitude of impoverishment in the academic job market leading to spiritual impoverishment in her own soul.