In Focus

In Focus articles are thoughtful and practical writings addressing the unique challenges and joys of women in the academy and professions. Topics include those dealing with the academy, professions, relationships, singleness, career decisions, and child-bearing and child-raising in the context of study and work.
Karen Swallow Prior

Perhaps students plagiarize because they have a false idea of what is expected of them as scholars; Jonathan Swift offers a corrective in his story of a bee.

Kathy KyoungAh Khang

Kathy Khang describes the concrete steps she took to overcome depression and the cultural stigma mental health issues carry within the Asian American, American, and Christian cultures. 

Pondering her pre-tenure review, an assistant professor considers what she might change and what she cannot change to meet expectations.

Patty Kirk

Patty Kirk listens for the voice of God as she challenges her students to improve their writing.

An assistant professor in the humanities writes about her thoughts and prayers as she begins the new semester.

Patty Kirk

What do we do with all the trappings of Christmas? Party on! says writer Patty Kirk. 

Patty Kirk

Christmas is not only a time of great celebrations, but also of mourning and weeping.

Margarita Mooney

Sociologist Margarita Mooney discusses what she sees as a woman professor.

Elizabeth Brunner

Elizabeth Brunner considers whether staying at home with children is wasting her hard-earned PhD.

Christine Jeske

Some people easily find themselves in community with friends and neighbors, but what if you’re in a place where that just isn’t happening?