Podcast-Naming Contest

Submit your name suggestions by September 15!

We are making some changes to our WAPpy Hour Podcast and in doing so, we’ve decided it needs a new name. Would you be interested in sharing your ideas?

Send us your best suggestions for the Women in the Academy and Professions podcast. Our podcast features interviews with women in academia and the professions in which we discuss professional calling, life balance, and the integration of faith into our work.

There are prizes! If your name is chosen, we will send you a personalized care package — including a good cup of coffee (in the form of a gift card), the voices of several of our recent podcast interviewees (in the form of their books), and an amazing snack (in the form of our own Ann Boyd’s somewhat famous Butter Toffee Crunch Shortbread).

How can you send your suggestions? Here are a few ways:

  1. message them to us through our Facebook page
  2. e-mail them to us
  3. Send us a message through our contact form

Send in your best suggestions by September 15. And may the best name win!