By Carmen Joy Imes

It’s that time of year. I can feel it in my bones. In just a handful of days we’ll all be climbing back on the hamster wheel, arms loaded with books, schedules packed to the gills. Open days on the calendar slip through my fingers ...

By Tish Harrison Warren

In the face of tragic news reports, particularly out of Iraq, Tish Harrison Warren laments the inability to respond and confesses our deep need for prayer.

By Carmen Acevedo Butcher

I had worked there three months without even so much as tapping it once. I had, however, eyed, admired, analyzed, wondered at, and resisted it. Scholarship-enabled, I was an anxiety-ridden sophomore . . .

By Sara Scheunemann

I vividly remember my first experience with Ash Wednesday. I was eighteen and a freshman at Marquette University, a Catholic, Jesuit school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Walking around campus that morning, I found myself surrounded by people with smudges of dirt . . .

By Carmen Acevedo Butcher

Carmen Acevedo Butcher explores the connections between a newborn baby and a fresh start to the calendar year.

By Tish Harrison Warren

Tish Harrison Warren opens up about depending on the church calendar to bring order to her life.

By Priscilla Lasmarias Kelso

When was it ever a perfect time to prepare for Advent? The road to Bethlehem was long for Mary, looking for a place to birth her child in the most ungracious of surroundings. The journey of the magi was long . . .

By Lily Liu

Lily Liu describes her experience of learning to accept the good work she has done without wishing it was more.

By Carmen Acevedo Butcher

This semester I assigned my students a half-day Facebook fast and essay analyzing the experience. Most said Facebook was hard-to-impossible to do without — they schedule extracurricular activities with it, keep up with friends, and, yes, occupy boring hours...

By Elizabeth Bradley

Spiritual warfare isn’t something I think about a lot. I accept that the devil prowls around like a lion, but I’m suspicious of talk...