Reflections are meditations and stories, often in memoir style, of women's lives as they seek to follow Christ in the academy and professions. Reflections include insights into God's faithfulness to women in the midst of academic and professional life.
Christine Twedt

Christine Twedt describes her journey of embracing her God-given leadership gifts.

Anna Moseley Gissing

Anna Gissing went on an archaeological dig and came away with spiritual riches.

Tiffany Yeh

Tiffany Yeh shares her struggle with perfectionism and self-worth in graduate school.

Lauri A. Swann

Lauri Swann experiences holy stillness in the depths of night.

Ann Dominguez

Physician Ann Dominguez reflects on sharing the sufferings of Christ in her everyday work.

Christine Twedt

Christine Twedt went on 17 different dates in three months and lived to tell about it.

Christine Twedt

If we continue to strugglel with issues we thought we'd put behind us, does that mean we're stuck in the same place? Christine Twedt says, no, God's blessings are here as well.

Jerusha Matsen Neal

Stuck in the middle of chapter three of her dissertation, playwright and author Jerusha Neal finds comfort in the story of Mary.

Ann Dominguez

A resident physician explores the intersection of her faith and her medical training in the face of a morally difficult situation.

Grace Chiu

Is God being unusually cruel when he withholds the benefits and blessings of marriage? Grace Chiu examines the theology behind some of our responses to singleness.