Reflections are meditations and stories, often in memoir style, of women's lives as they seek to follow Christ in the academy and professions. Reflections include insights into God's faithfulness to women in the midst of academic and professional life.
Priscilla Lasmarias Kelso

Where is home? For writer Priscilla Lasmarias Kelso, having lived in several countries, the question is real. But the question and the longing for a permanent address apply to us all.

Sharon Gartland

Sharon Gartland longs to have her academic friends meet Jesus, but wrestles with introducing them to her fellow Christians.

Jo Kadlecek

Jo Kadlecek considers why women were called to be the first observers of the resurrection and what we can learn from their story.

Sharon Gartland

Sharon Gartland reflects on creating a life with margin in the midst of family, job, and life stresses.

Grace Chiu

Amid the cacophony of advice from well-meaning friends, writer Grace Chiu finds the most difficult counsel she’s had to wrestle with is from God himself.

Heidi Metcalf Little

Whether single or married, the experience of loneliness occurs, but that does not mean we are alone.

Ann Voskamp

What difference might it make to record a list of God’s gifts? Author Ann Voskamp found it life-changing.

Gweneth Schwab

Biblical imagery of the tree is particularly relevant to the work and presence of Christian professors on campus.

Grace Ju Miller

A biology professor sees a garden as she cultivates her students’ growth and delights in their bloom.

Angie Crea O'Neal

Angie Crea O'Neal reflects on her time at last year's Faculty Conference at Cedar Campus remembering that what we really need is to return to our origin and ultimate purpose: to a place of living not in the power of thought, or in satisfaction of want, or in the roundness of surfeit, but in the necessity of wing and prayer, conscious of only one day.