Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation includes Bible study guides, instructions for spiritual practices, and descriptions of experience with spiritual practices as guides in growing a vibrant faith in Christ in the midst of academic and professional life.
Paula Frances Price

Paula Frances Price shares some of the ways that lament has enriched her view of God and invites readers to practice lament with her.

Carmen Imes

Carmen Imes finds help from the psalms as she considers her own response to unanswered prayer.

Chandra Crane

We are called to be salt and light on earth, as this responsive reading reminds us.

Sarah Orner

Sarah Orner describes why she was hesitant about centering prayer and how she’s come to embrace the practice.

Chandra Crane

Chandra Crane offers encouragement and perspective to those whose vocation right now includes intensive study.

Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd reflects on the insight that comes from paying attention to life's small irritations.

Kelly Fields
Kelly Fields ponders the question of success and true intimacy in the spiritual life.
Kelly Fields

A professor turns to mission work in Central Asia and discovers new depths to her life with God.

Carmen Imes

Carmen Imes offers a prayer to consider before embarking on a day of scholarship and work.

Anna Moseley Gissing

Anna Gissing talks to The Well about the significance and celebration of Epiphany.