Staff Resources

For those seeking to support women following Christ in the academy and professions, including descriptions of practices and resources.

Karen Hice Guzmán

Karen Hice Guzmán describes the challenges faced by women in STEM fields and offers suggestions to help.

Ashley Van Dragt

When a graduate fellowship studies prayer in Scripture, meaningful actions spring forth from their learning.

Nancy Pedulla

Nancy Pedulla offers a compelling vision and practical advice for cultivating leadership skills as a woman.

Kathy Cooper

As Kathy Cooper became intentional about integrating faith, learning, and practice, God reshaped her ministry in almost every area.

Bob Trube

Bob Trube helps us think about how to pay attention.

Sylvia Boomsma

What can an older woman and keeper of chickens offer to some of the brightest women on campus?

Stephanie White

UW-Madison grad women reflect on the power and necessity of a support group in their academic lives.

Debbie Splaingard

The need for fellowship doesn't end when women graduate. Debbie Splaingard describes how that need is being met for post-grad women in Columbus.

Debbie Splaingard

A Spring retreat for women graduate students in Columbus provides ongoing encouragement and support.

Debbie Splaingard

Campus volunteer Debbie Splaingard hosts monthly breakfasts to develop the supportive fellowship of women at Ohio State.