By Katherine Jeffrey

Katherine Jeffrey sees a theological symmetry between the first and second Eve, but also the human side of both women's suffering.

By Sara Scheunemann

Sometimes life feels like a perpetual Advent. We are waiting, always waiting. The focus of longing shifts and varies in intensity and significance, but still we wait. Our posture swings from joyful anticipation, to frustrated demands for resolution . . . 

By Jerusha Matsen Neal

Stuck in the middle of chapter three of her dissertation, playwright and author Jerusha Neal finds comfort in the story of Mary.

By Anna Moseley Gissing
Anna Gissing shares insights on calling in light of the circumstances that inspire and define her own vocation.

By Priscilla Lasmarias Kelso

When was it ever a perfect time to prepare for Advent? The road to Bethlehem was long for Mary, looking for a place to birth her child in the most ungracious of surroundings. The journey of the magi was long . . .

By an anonymous graduate student

I used to sleep like a cat at Christmas time: as close under the warm, fragrant, and glowing Christmas tree as possible...

By Marcia Bosscher

I sat a few nights ago in a cavernous Congregational church in Madison while the Bach musicians rehearsed. Unable to attend their concert, I came instead to the dress rehearsal...